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For over 30 years, Dan Brown’s Condo Care has provided Maui with exceptional carpet, glass, stone and tile cleaning services. We offer friendly, highly-skilled and professional technicians to address maintain these valuable home furnishings.

From heavily soiled carpets and unsightly wine spills to deeply encrusted hard water spots on the shower glass, our crew can rejuvenate your property with a few hours of work!

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Proper maintenance can greatly extend the life of your property. Whether looking to preserve the value of your vacation rental or your refreshing a permanent home here on Maui, we know how to handle the many unique cleaning issues that arise from living in Hawaii.

Tired of seeing red dirt stains on your area rug? Has your granite countertop developed rings because of our hard water? Is the grout black, the tile a little duller than you remember?

Consider allowing a professional cleaning service to restore and preserve your valuable furnishing instead of pursuing the costly investment to upgrade. Many surfaces become several shades lighter after proper cleaning removes the accumulated grime.

Much of our work relies on the safe operation of powerful machinery and the intelligent use of cleaning agents. We use both mobile and truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines depending our clients’ situation.

We prefer to use organically and sustainably derived chemicals for most our needs, but we do keep the best synthetic cleaners on hand just in case. Please let us know if you have a preference and we would be glad to discuss the options. Unless they are meant to stay as protectant, all our solvents will be extracted along with the dirt in the cleaning process.

DBCC is licensed bonded, insured, and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, a member of the Better Business Bureau, and the Maui Chamber of Commerce.

We are qualified to address issues from leaks, floods, and water damage, or can provide referrals to trusted colleagues if not available at the time of emergency.

We may not be the cheapest carpet cleaners in town, but everyone knows that our staff delivers outstanding outcomes every time. See many of our valued clients here.

If you have any questions, please give us a call and we’ll be glad to give our take on the situation.

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Save money on services by scheduling multiple jobs at the same time: while we are cleaning your carpets, let us refresh your upholstery (sofas, couches, love seats), stone &  tile (granite, marble, travertine), or windows & screens (shower doors, patio doors, louvers) and help minimize setup costs.

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