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Dan Brown's Condo Care - Serving West Maui Since 1982

Water Damage

Stone Care

Light colored granite counter tops are susceptible to oil stains. The only way to remove the stains is to apply oil stain remover and let sit for 24 hours. The solvent in the remover mobilizes the oil and draws it up into the paste which is then vacuumed up.

June 17 window job

Another day at the office. Prepping a “movie star” house for a shoot. A typical Maui day!

Dye damage repair

Dye damaged carpet repaired by Dan Brown. Saved carpet from replacement. Most people call all light spots “Bleach Spots” but dye damage can be caused by many chemicals. For example: nail polish remover, ammonia, benzoyl peroxide, bathroom cleaners, cat and dog “accidents”. Before you replace carpet let us see if it can be repaired.

Whalers water damage

Water from upstairs sink. Damaged cabinets, wet carpet and pad, walls wet behind wallpaper. Set up drying equipment on Friday.

Water Stain Removal

Water Stain Removal

Stains left by spilled water were identified underneath the nightstand by this bed. With the appropriate pre-spot, the water stain removal was easily achieved during the normal course of cleaning! This exceptional clean was performed by Brandon.



Amazing Nail Polish Stain Removal!

Amazing Nail Polish Stain Removal!

Photo’s courtesy of Brandon, one of our professional cleaning technicians. Today’s challenge was a nail polish spill underneath a TV stand. After identifying all of the affected areas, we decided to use a mix of Pro’s Choice chemicals and rubbing alcohol combined with our Hot Water Extraction┬ámethod to remove the stain.

With the right formula and a little muscle, the stain was able to be completely removed! We are very happy with the result of this clean and welcome more challenges of this type. Call us today for a free quote for all of your carpet cleaning and home maintenance needs!

1 Bedroom Carpets with Stairs

Done by Chris of Dan Brown’s Condo Care