Decks, Lanai’s, Driveways

Care for your Decks, Lanai’s, Driveways!

Decks, Lanai’s, Driveways, and other areas exposed to the elements require regular maintenance to protect their beauty over their long life. We take extra care to not damage your foliage while maintaining your outdoor areas, and only use plant-friendly cleaners. We can clean most outdoor stains including mold, algae, red dirt, and grease, and feature protectant surface to prevent new damage between maintenance!

{image} rotary floor scrubber

Our method for cleaning outdoor areas is:

1) Pressure Wash – Removes all lose soil and dirt.

2) Scrub – Featuring a rotary floor scrubber and special chemicals to lift stains.

3) Polish – As necessary, using special pads infused with diamond dust.

4) Protect – Seals color and prevents new soil and stains.

Know Your Stone!

Different types of stone require special treatments. Do you know what type of stone your deck or lanai is made of? Certain types of stone require special care and can be damaged the use of the wrong cleaning chemicals.  It would help us give you a more accurate quote before an in-person examination if you can include your stone type. Below are some common stone types found on Maui:

If you don’t know, don’t worry! Include a quick photo in your quote request and our trained staff will be able to recognize it instantly!

Masonry – Concrete Driveways, Walls, and more!

We also use our special plant-safe cleaners to wash all types of cement, pavers, and outdoor walls! You’ll be amazed at the difference a simple cleaning can make. We feature industry-standard Stonetech cleaners to seal and protect your masonry from new stains, water damage, mineral residue buildup, and oil spills.

Below is an example of our team in action:

When it’s time to clean your decks, lanai’s, driveways and masonry, let our experienced staff handle it with ease! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

We’ll Clean it All!

Save money on additional services by scheduling them at the same time! While we are cleaning your decks, lanais, or driveway, let us take care of your carpetsupholsterystonetile, and windows and screens at minimal additional cost. Take the opportunity to have us deep clean your entire home while we are already there!

Contact us today at (808) 669-2727 to schedule an appointment!