Tough Stains

Tough Stains are No Problem!

With over 30 years of professional cleaning experience, Dan Brown’s Condo Care is proud to be able to clean most tough stains that other cleaners cannot! Most stains can be removed if the stain has not been set in with improper removal techniques. Common types of tough stains include: Red wine, coffee, tea, fruit punch, mustard, spaghetti sauce, oils, grease, and bodily fluids.

We recommend the following steps to prevent stains after a spill:

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  1. Blot area with dry rag – remove excess moisture by blotting. Do not rub the affected area! Rubbing may damage the fibers of your carpet and cause the stain to spread.
  2. Moisten rag with cool water – Continue to blot with a damp rag until the cloth comes up clean
  3. Apply Procyon Stain Remover – Available for at Aloha Clean Pro Supply. Re-blot until stain is removed or your cloth comes up clean. If the stain remains, call in the pros at (808) 669-2727.
Tough Stain Removal
Simply the best stain remover on the market!

We can clean bleach spots! 

Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent because it physically removes color causing molecules. Unfortunately, bleach cannot tell the difference between a surface it should clean and one it should not. Bleach stains are not easily fixed because the original color has been destroyed! The traditional response is that the entire carpet must be replaced to remove a stain of this type.

Dan Brown has recently mastered a technique to remove unsightly bleach stains and dye damage:

 We can save your carpet! Call us at (808) 669-2727 for a free quote!

We’ll Clean it All!

Save money on additional services by scheduling them at the same time! While we are taking care those tough stains, let us clean your carpetsupholsterystonetile, and windows and screens at minimal additional cost. Take the opportunity to have us deep clean your entire home while we are already in your unit!

Contact us today at (808) 669-2727 to schedule an appointment!