Water Spot Removal

Unique Island, Unique Water Spot Removal!

Our beautiful island also poses unique challenges in glass care. Unlike most water spots on the mainland which are caused by a build up of calcium carbonate, most water spot on Maui are the result of silica deposits which are not easily removed chemically or physically. As such, standard water spot removal methods are less effective here than in the rest of the world. To address this we use a special formula infused with diamond dust combined with a powerful orbital buffer for complete water spot removal!

Our indoor glass protectant service comes with a 6-month warranty against new stains, and will reduce the time and cost of regularly scheduled maintenance. We can clean and protect all glass indoors or  out up to 3 stories high. We can usually remove water damage, stains, and blemishes that normal cleaning cannot!

Regular maintenance can greatly extend the life of your glass. Contact us today for a free water spot removal quote!

Soap Scum vs. Water Damage

Many customers mistake water spots for soap scum that just won’t come off. Soap scum is residue left on glass when soap mixes with water and can usually be removed by regular cleaning (and a little muscle!). Water spots are created when mineral deposits etch into your glass, and can cause permanent damage if left unchecked.  To easily tell the difference, attempt to scrape off a bit of the affected area with the back fingernail: soap scum will scrape off, while water damage will remain  unaffected.

Scum and spots can be completely avoided by carefully cleaning and drying your shower doors after every use, however this is very rarely a practical solution. Our protectant adds a thin, clear, water-resistant coating to your glass that reduces the mineral buildup and greatly eases cleaning. Shower door glass protectant service comes with a 6-month warranty against new water damage and will decrease the cost of regular maintenance. Mineral buildup is nearly guaranteed to occur on glass that is exposed to water, but protectant and regular maintenance will greatly facilitate water spot removal!

We’ll Clean it All!

Save money on additional services by scheduling them at the same time! While we are taking care of your water spot removal, let us clean your carpetsupholsterystonetile, and windows and screens at minimal additional cost. Take the opportunity to have us deep clean your entire home while we are already in your unit!

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