Windows and Screens

Professional Window and Screen Cleaning !

With over 30 years of window and screen cleaning experience on Maui, Dan Brown’s Condo Care can make your windows shine! We will clean windows, sliders, jalousies, and screens indoors and out, up to 3 stories high including: hard-water spot removal, bird deterrent  and glass protectant sealant service as needed. We even wet-wipe your tracks, sills, and frames!

Windows are among the most expensive part of a home to replace, so proper maintenance is a must! The cost to ship new windows out to Lahaina or Honokawai is ridiculous. Most window manufacturers suggest scheduled cleaning at least twice per year or as needed. With proper maintenance, we’ll keep your house looking like it’s got new windows! You can greatly extend the life of your glass by requesting our state-of-the-art protectant service.

Rest easy while our expert window and screen cleaners take care of all of your hard-to-reach glass. We have been cleaning windows throughout West Maui for years: from Napili, Kahana, and Honokawai to Kaanapali, Lahaina, and Launiupoko. In this time, we’ve learned one major lesson:

Water Spots are Different Here!

Our beautiful island of Maui also poses unique challenges in window and screen care. Most water spots on the mainland are caused by a build up of calcium carbonate deposits, however most water spots on Maui are the result of silica deposits. As such, standard water spot removal methods are less effective here than in the rest of the world. To address this we use a special formula infused with diamond dust to remove virtually all water spots. It also works great on showers, mirrors, and chrome!

Water Spot Removal
Water Spot Removal

Keep Birds Off Your Glass!

Birds are a natural enemy of clean windows! They especially love clean windows in Kahana. Left unchecked, they can even cause irreversible damage. We can keep birds off of your ledges and sills without harming them by professionally installing bird spikes or wire. If your glass is too clean, our feathered friends will often try to fly straight through your windows. To avoid this we also offer placement of bird decals to make sure they know that something is there!

Window and Screen Cleaning with Protectant – Highly Recommended!

Windows are often one of the most expensive features of a new home. With a state of the art polymer from J. Racenstein Co., we can protect your windows from developing new hard water spots and keep them safe from the elements. You wouldn’t drive a car off the lot without wax on it – request protectant service with your free quote today!

We’ll Clean it All!

Save money on additional services by scheduling them at the same time! While we are cleaning your windows and screens, let us take care of your carpetsupholsterystone, or tile at minimal additional cost. Take the opportunity to have us deep clean your entire home while we are already in your unit!

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